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Love having you here! I specialize in social media management and admin assisting. I, also, love to make movie posters. Below, you will find my portfolio. Click here for my linkedin profile. I'm looking forward to connecting with you on all your social media (or poster) needs!

Send me your idea here.



The Creative Movement is an acting studio based in Atlanta, GA. I started as an intern in 2019 and was hired out of college as their Social Media and Marketing Manager. The owner wanted modern and cohesive graphics across Facebook and Instagram, focusing on educating and inspiring later Millennial and Gen X actors within their community.


We released videos from the owner every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday; each with its own theme. The owner wanted these videos to be grounded and inclusive. Additionally, I co-produced, co-directed and edited all fitness content releasee by their fitness branch. 

Étolie Beauty Company mockup. Étolie Beauty Co. is a makeup and beauty company that wanted to intertwine modern fun and feminity, as seen by their bright design choice. Their target demographic is Millenials and Gen Z. Those who are using makeup as a way to express themselves.

They wanted to bring older generations into their mix with the introduction of a new perfume light: Coeur de Paris. With this subtle perfume, they wanted to reinspire freedom within feminity to those who feel like they've lost their sensuality with their age. Additionally, they did not want to leave out their younger audience, because we can lose touch with our sensuality at any age. Therefore, we added ads that would loop in their original audience. 

The Myth & Magic Collective is a fantasy-themed bookstore cafe. Their demographic are specific Gen Z and Millennials. We utilize Instagram, TikTok,  and Facebook targeted ads due to their popularity with their target demographic. With the menu and posts, I designed a neutral color scheme to push the "old scroll" fantasy element while adding mystical color to their product posts to draw the eye naturally. 

Additionally, offering events such as "one-shot D&D campaigns" and movie nights expands interests to those within the "nerd & gamer" community that are not, also, a part of the "cafe" demographic. 


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