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honey and wildfire are both the color gold

I want to live as freely as I can and experiences as the many facets this life has to offer. I use to have my worth tied to my success and was always looking toward the future without being happy in the present. Very recently, this started to change. 

I grew up in a small, Georgian town that was twenty minutes from every that mattered.

Growing up in a single parent, only child home made me very lonely, but allowed me to have a large foundation to love many things: martial arts, hiking, painting, dancing, writing and anything within the artistic vein.

The environment I grew up in posed some challenges, My mother was emotionally and mentally abusive. I developed PTSD, anxiety and depression from my relationship with her. Growing up there put a lot of things into perspective for me. It's an everyday battle, but it gives me hope I can overcoming anything and help people who have shared experiences. 

I love to tell stories and I can't wait to share them with you.

two truths and a lie: I have a third degree black belt, I have a tattoo of two socks for my first cat, Two Socks, and I've gone to London. 

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