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honey and wildfire are both the color gold

I grew up in a small, Georgian town that was twenty minutes from every that mattered with an abusive mother. ​

It's awkward, for me, to be open about my life now. I feel like it always leaves people in a bit of a shock and I'm not sure how to help my telling. 

Death's affect on me is like the moon. No matter how much the feelings wax and wane, they are always there. Angsty, I know. My father died when I was 5. My abusive mother raised and isolated me from my family until she died from COVID when I was 21. 

The following year, my grandfather. The year after, my grandmother, Mabel Florence. I called her May. I get a lot from her: my artistry and my stubbornness are the biggest. 

Being lonely growing up allowed me to build a wide foundation of interests: martial arts, hiking, painting, dancing, writing and anything within the artistic vein. 

With my background, mental health advocacy is extremely important to me. My mother was an undiagnosed bipolar narcissist. I've been diagnosed with C-PTSD and every day is a struggle. Outside of anything I do in life, I want to help and give back. I want to break cycles and make sure that no child has to grow up feeling as alone as I did. 

I promise, I'm not always a downer. That's why I say "honey and wildfire are both the color gold".  Outside of all the drudgery, I love D&D. My dream role is to play this fierce, elven warrior (who is also a sorcerer, obviously). I crave adventure. I haven't travelled much given the circumstances, but when I look back on my life I want to remember nothing but the adventures. 

I would love to connect. 



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